Blackjack card game

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online blackjack card game It is a game that is not very popular in Thailand. Because with the play that may take longer Baccarat or Dragon Tiger Therefore, this game is not popular and forgotten in online casinos. As for playing, it’s very easy for BLACKJACK, just make the combination of face numbers as close to 21 as possible or if the total of 21 points is a winner. But if the total is more than 21, it will be considered losing immediately as well.


  • Player bets
  • The dealer first deals 1 card to each player and then distributes it to himself. In which the player gets 2 cards each, the dealer gets 1 card or 1 card face up, 1 card face down (the player’s card must always be face down)
  • If the player’s two cards total the points on the cards are still very far from 21, an unlimited number of cards can be called. but if the points on the cards exceed 21, lose immediately (calling cards one by one in order The dealer calls the card last)
  • BLACKJACK RULES The dealer will call at least 17 points. If the player gets points from 16 and down, it is considered losing to the banker.
  • If the player is satisfied at 16 can stop. Waiting for the dealer to get more than 21 points, the player will win.

The origin of the card game BLACKJACK

The origin of the card game BLACKJACK is not yet conclusively proven. But it is likely that the origin of the bet is from France. This is a betting game called Vingt-et-un (literally 20 and 1 or 21). The nature of this game is that cards are dealt to players similar to the current BLACKJACK rules. Winning the sum of the hand points as much as possible but must not exceed 21 points

Online Blackjack Summary

How are you doing with the card game BLACKJACK? It’s not difficult to play, right? Just bring the number of face cards together as close to 21 as possible, or if they get 21, they will immediately win, but if they are over 21, they will lose as well. Interested in playing card games, BLACKJACK recommends casino websites. UFABET Online casinos that are trending right now.