ETH confirms ‘Ronaldo’ is still in the plan

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Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag has told The UFABET that he is ready to work with Cristiano Ronaldo for a few more years

, with the 37-year-old remaining. Contract with the team for another year, but informed the Red Devils to move the team this summer. Before coming to report to practice and go on a pre-season tour by reasoning that it is a family reason

Amid the future that is still unclear, Ten Hag recently came out to talk about key players, insisting that Ronaldo is still in the team’s plans. And believes he can still play for the team for at least another two years.

We have to win from the start. So I’m not looking that far,” Ten Hag reply after being ask about Ronaldo’s future.

“I have a strategy, there is a process for it. it takes time but in the end We have to make sure from the start that we have a team that can win

. Can play in that (aggressive) style during his career. He has shown it all.”

“I have already shown my desires. We have clear guidelines. And top players can get involved with it, Ronaldo is also a top player in our team.”

“Players decide how to play. especially the players who score goals Because they are very important to the team. However ,

Ten Hag admits that he doesn’t know when Ronaldo will return to training with the team, but is confident with his professionalism when the time comes, Ronaldo will. definitely fit

“I think everyone knows Ronaldo is a top professional and he will be fit, that’s the only concern I have,” Ten Hag said.