ETH puts ‘Frenkie’ pieces in the middle of defense

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has revealed he wants Frenkie de Jong in a defensive midfield role. and a back-up plan to push players in the club to act instead In the event of a failed transfer from Barcelona,

​​De Jong is the target player Ten Hag would like to reunite. But the situation of moving from Barcelona is still ambiguous, both in terms of cost. And the players themselves do not want to move

. Recently, Ten Hag revealed that he planned for De Jong to play in a defensive midfield role. and have a backup plan If the Barcelona star Moved to join the team in time to close the market on September 1,

“We will be looking for players who can play in the defensive midfield position. And that person has to be a really suitable player,” the Red Devils manager told The UFABET.

“Not many players in this position have the level of talent we need. which if we really can’t find We will use our team players. We will develop players in that position and We need the right players. We have a list of names and are ready to go immediately if we find the right person

. But the club can’t. because the price is too high

“I want English players, I think. New players have one rule: Quality must go hand in hand with price. But now it seems English players are quite expensive. It’s an undeniable fact. in the end It’s about quality.”