Juventus beats Bremer to replace Ligt

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Juventus have moved closer to securing a move for Cleson Bremer. After Inter Milan president Steven Zhang refused to approve a budget increase for Torino

Romeo centre-back. Gresti, famous Juventus journalist Revealed today (Monday, July 18) that Juventus are ready to continue to chase the Bremer to replace Matthias de Ligt if the Serpent team. Failure to agree on the price of the players with the Stone Bull team.

Earlier reports suggested that Torino had set the 25-year-old Brazilian defender at 40-45 million euros and diverted the Coneri. With a fee from the sale. De Ligt is ready to make an immediate offer of 40 million euros. the UFABET report

The move by Juventus prompted chairman Zhang to take the expressway. To the club to talk to Beppe Marotta. before negotiating with Torino again in the afternoon

Most recently, Alfredo Pedulla, a well-known Sportitalia correspondent, revealed that talk failed Chairman Zhang did not approve the additional budget to fight the Zebra team.

So it means Offers from Inter will stop at Loan forced to buy at a price of 30 million euros plus add-ons

Juventus situation has better taxes Now it depends on the Bremer that. Will accept an offer from Zebra or not? which the media believe Juve ready to pay €4 million per season wages while Inter gave 3 million euros.