Arsenal 2-1 Nottingham Forest: After the Premier League opener

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Arsenal 2-1 Nottingham Forest: After the Premier League opener, the Gunners were dizzy on Saturday night.

Pick up issues that interest you after the game. English Premier League Saturday night, the artillery opened the house to beat Nottingham Forest 2-1.

game start delay

This match, originally according to the program, had to start playing at 6:30 p.m. in Thailand time. But there was a problem with the new card checking system. Causing football fans to not able to enter the stadium until the game. Had to delay for almost half an hour. But finally able to compete in the end.

fun game at the end

In this game from the beginning until the 80th minute. It was Arsenal who showed superiority in possession of the ball, folded the field, attacked on almost one side. and also took the lead before 2 goals from the first half Until many people think that this game. Would cannon that eats softly, grabs 3 points in a chill way until the last 10 minutes. Forest decides to throw all of himself without anything to lose, sending the attacker down in full force before getting The trick of Elanka and Avoniyi, the combo hits the egg, only 2-1! Arsenal’s game immediately looked turbulent. Kicking, throwing, kicking, throwing, not going to the end There will be many adventurous strokes to fill. From when the girlfriend is asleep, he has to come to be excited and excited. Tae sits next to the chair.

Cannon and “Invert Full Back”

According to Cannon stands in the back four. But in the end, when actually playing, it becomes the back three with Timber standing on the left side. Saliba in the middle and Ben White on the right before pushing Thomas Partey up as another central midfielder and giving Declan Rai freedom. z to fill the game more aggressively. Which helps them to dominate the game, keep the ball, control the middle zone quite under control. The only thing left is a way to do it that still looks awkward when you have to penetrate a team that focuses on packing the back of the house like this.

Saka with a beautiful goal

This match, I must say that Bukayo Saka seems to be the most effective artillery offensive line. with agile speed Diligence runs the way and the role of participation in the game Including a decisive finish from the shot with the left outside the box, spinning a beautiful curve, plugging into the corner, with such a perfect weight and direction. That it can said that no goalkeeper should be able to receive a ball like this. certain

new players today

In this game, the artillery sends 3 new players to the field at the same time. Consisting of Declan Rice, the owner of a hundred million midfielder. Which today is probably the new footballer whose form catches the eye the most. with the duties of coordinating the midfield, running up and down connecting the ball cutting game And there are some beautiful shining opportunities.

While Kai Havertz is relatively quiet. It had almost no role in the game, both in the first half standing low and in the second half as a target. The form still looks quite lacking, and the last one that is most likely to be unlucky is Urren Timber, who managed to squeeze into the real one. But came back hurt from the first half Although forced to continue playing, but could not stand until being replaced early in the second half It remains to be seen how worrisome his knee injury will be.