Postecoglou disappoint if Kane not win a championship.

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Harry Kane transfer does not come from a desire to succeed alone, according to the view of Angel Postecoglou the Spurs boss.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou sees it as unfair to Harry Kane after the England striker left the Tottenham Hotspur to pursue success with Bayern Munich this season, but showing signs of failure as before, according to a report from ‘UFABET’ on Wednesday.

When asked about Kane’s decision to leave Tottenham to move to play with Bayern Munich last summer UFABET with a chance to win the first championship of his career. But the 30-year-old striker still hasn’t achieved that goal.

‘No, I don’t think that’s fair. I won’t speak for Harry, for God’s sake.’ Postecoglou defended Kane, saying the trophy hunt was not the only reason the 30-year-old striker joined the Bayern Munich.

‘I don’t think that was the only reason he left. I’ve think he was quite clear that he wanted a different experience. And I think there’s nothing wrong with that.’

‘That was his entire career. He has been at this club for a very long time. He’s at the point where he decides to stay and becomes One-Man-Club, which is fair enough. Or he may have experienced something different as a football player. Or it could be as a person.’

‘I don’t know, this is a question for him. But I don’t understand that he’s just moving to get over things. I don’t think that if he were here He didn’t think he could overcome things. I just thought he wanted a different experience and he got that.’

‘I’m sure at the end of his career If that’s his reason He will find it so. It gives you a truly broad experience of football and life. I don’t think it’s fair to him.’

‘In the end All decisions regarding your personal career I know that every decision I made in my career Sometimes it’s hard for other people to understand because they don’t live my life. They haven’t been with my family or the people around me to know why you made these decisions,’ Postecoglou said.